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Whether you’ve launched to the sounds of crickets…

Were too anxious to put your offer out into the marketplace…

… or if you were just downright unimpressed with your profits and wore out from your launch. 

You’re wondering if you should stick to doing one on one work even though it’s time consuming…but at least you see a return.

The idea of doing a major launch for the first time (or again) brings some anxiety because what if you invest your time and energy into something that isn’t profitable.

You’ve experienced or witnessed this happen and who has time for that?

You’re not alone, you’re not making it up, and you’re not being dramatic. This can be stressful when your methods, systems, and processes aren’t working.

It’s even worse when you don’t know what you don’t know.

If any of this is striking a chord with you, then you’re at the right place at the right time.

YOU are the exact kind of client that I’ve led to success

I empower you to show up confidently so that you can launch and sell out your offers with ease.

Launching my offers has helped my coaching business go from $120k to $500k in 18 months.

Over the last 7+ years, I’ve worked with over 1,000 coaches and service based pros and experts from all across the globe to help them get incredible results with launching their incredible signature premium programs, with my signature framework

Utilizing the power of sales psychology and persuasion marketing methods I’ve developed an easy to implement launch framework that has grossed over $5 million for our clients in the last 3 years alone.

We Combine High-touch Coaching, Personal Feedback, and Incredibly Thorough and Digestible Trainings to Make Sure You Have Everything You Need to Start Selling Out Your Launches with ease.


created to give you the tools, support, and knowledge you need to execute a successful 5 figure launch – designed so you can consistently replicate your results, get continual cash injections, and more of your time back.

The Launch N Slay Accelerator

is designed with a psychology backed framework to help you articulate exactly what you want to say and to attract the clients you want to work with.

This Will Show You How To:

  • Not fall into overwhelm… which can cause you to make desperate decisions (ever lowered your prices for someone out of fear?)
  • Package your expertise in a way that’s so potent yet simple that you will have raving clients.
  • Position yourself as a sought out industry expert… you will master the art of the humble brag and your people are going to LOVE it.
  • Implement a tested and proven strategy that will inject money into your business on a consistent basis.

Basically… say hello to consistent income and good riddance to burnout.

You can now take the guesswork out of nailing your first five-figure launch by building your brand, building your audience, and building your bank in the next 60 days or less.

“I Enrolled 125 New Students to My Course + Made $100k in 7 weeks”

I wanted to launch my course in April, but didn’t think I had enough time for a full launch. Fabiola mapped out a launch strategy that made me feel confident in reaching my goal. She organized everything in a way that I didn’t have to second guess or double think anything. She literally provided me a winning blueprint that I just had to execute.

I was able to make over $100k (projected income) from my course, enrolling over 125 students. Working with Fabiola provided clarity on my audience’s struggle and needs. She helped me focus by implementing a topic for each week as opposed to being ‘all over the place’.

If you want to save yourself time, headaches, and avoid the guesswork, you NEED to hire Fabiola. She will help you reach your goals by mapping our a fail-proof plan for your individual business.

I would absolutely recommend Fabiola to anyone launching an online course or any program. Fabiola is fabulous at what she does.

Fabiola working with you has been an absolute pleasure. I wanted to work with you ever since I came across your business (years ago). I am so happy that I got the opportunity to work with you.

Shantell G.

Marketing Coach + Founder of BossDivas

“Closed out at 44 Sales which is $70,250 if you count full payment plan amounts.”

Yassss everyone needs this ish! Since my VIP day a few weeks ago, my launch (second ever) Closed out at 44 Sales which is $70,250 if you count full payment plan amounts.

Thank you, Fabiola for going above and beyond as the best launch coach known to womankind.

Lucinda Burgess-Farwell

Eileva Tide Studio


OMG I made $60k in 6 days without a webinar, video series or a bunch of live streams and emails. This was the easiest and best launch ever! And my business is now on track to making $40k months consistently with my evergreen funnel.

Working with Fabiola I’ve also stepped up as a CEO and set up the proper systems to scale my business with ease.

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals Fabiola.”

Stephanie Obi

Business Coach + Founder of Course Launch Delivered

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

A healthy mindset is the foundation to a successful launch.

Now before you go rolling your eyes (I saw you)… let’s talk about it.

I’m not going to love & light you and treat you like and treat you like an 80s aerobic instructor. I will prepare you for launching by helping you shift into positivity while also preparing you to put the work in…well maybe I’m a little bit like an 80s aerobic instructor.

Many other programs make the false promise of COMPLETE ease during this process and give the illusion that you’re going to be launching from a beach your very first time…

…not very realistic (unless you live on a beach).

This will require front end work but you won’t be alone and you will have a guide. You can also have fun during this process, it doesn’t have to be miserable.

Now here comes the part where I have some good news and bad news.


Many of us have been there. It’s when you have no strategy and you post your offerings to your social media platforms and pray someone clicks. You do this for a week or three and then fall into a rut because it didn’t work.


Trying to replicate the launches of people who are in the six and seven figure range won’t help you. It’s far too much room for error and you don’t have the team, infrastructure, or budget to launch the way they do.

Did you know that they pour THOUSANDS into ads while selling you programs in which they claim you can sell without ads.

Save yourself the headache and don’t jump through hoops or frustrate yourself by trying to launch the way they do.


Your next course or group program can be fun, profitable, and more relaxing than you’ve ever imagined.

Let’s Talk About The

Simplify: Let’s gain clarity around your unique framework and design a signature premium program that will simplify your business and increase your income.

Strategize: Let’s design a launch strategy that fits your personality and preferences and brings results.

Slay: Let’s Launch N crush your goals. This is where we execute the launch plan that will build your brand, build your audience and build your bank account.

When You Join The Launch N Slay Accelerator

INSTANT ACCESS to the first module

This program is a mix of live coaching and pre-recorded content. That way you don’t have to wait to get started. I know you’re serious about your business and I’m serious about it too. Once your payment goes through you can hit the ground running.

LIVE High-Touch group coaching.

I prefer to spend my time coaching you vs. teaching. You get to watch the recorded content and then come to the coaching sessions to get the exact help you need. We’re all about maximizing time over here.

A private community

There’s nothing like being able to have the support of peers as you go through this journey. You all will be able to cheer one another on, tap into one another’s expertise, and make invaluable connections. Some people have met their best business besties in my private communities and have helped each other catapult to the next level of success. I’ll also be coaching in this space.

Facebook Ads That Convert Course:

coins into the machine and praying for a win. Know the exact strategy I use to help my clients gain traffic during their launch.

Email Marketing Template:

Easy, fast, and effective. My email marketing templates lay out the perfect sequence process to effectively bring in sales.

The Sales Page Slay Template:

A full breakdown on how to write the kind of sales page that creates urgency to buy while setting the right expectations.

The Social Slay:

Social Media posts that sell. In this training I’ll be breaking down my best strategies to use SM to gain momentum and turn like.

These are all very relevant tools that can and will support you on your journey.

“I hit my goal of 5k on my first soft launch.”

I increased the pricing for my 1:1 services and started to attract the right clients. I was able to get clear on what course I wanted to offer and how to deliver it. My email list increased by 350 subscribers in 30 days.

I hit my goal of 5k on my first soft launch with minimal promotion. I am excited for my next launch with my goal of hitting 20k. I was also able to launch my first Holiday sale for my digital services on Black Friday generating a huge increase in my sales.

Tackese K.

“Hiring Fabiola was one of the BEST Decisions this year.”

We met a lot of our revenue goals despite the pandemic. During my course launch she was incredible and help me focus on exactly what I needed to do to get results. She always had a fresh perspective that has helped so much.  If you are looking for support and coaching then say yes and work with Fabiola.

Yagazie Eguare

Photographer and Owner of Gazmadu Studios


Working with Fabiola in her Coaching Program was amazing. She will force you to get real with your stuff. I can admit when we first started I had major resistance in my business because I wasn’t clear on offers. Fabiola got me to get honest about what worked and what didn’t for me.  She made my business fun for me again, because traditional marketing wasn’t vibing for me. After this shift I was able to have two successful launches with Fabiola’s help. My first premium program sold out with Fabiola’s help. If you want to get clear, if you want someone that will hold you accountable plus actually give a damn about your success,  Fabiola is your lady.

Ty Johnson-Anderson

Energy Healer & Manifestation Goddess and founder of the Rebel Goddess Society


Working with Fabiola I was able to get clarity and prioritize my business. She taught me how to put systems in place in order for me to have more freedom.

As a result, my book funnel brings in daily sales. I have a waitlist of amazing women excited to work with me for my program. I book clients effortlessly for my program because I have a system in place. I just want to say thank you. You have made a very positive difference in my way to see my business

Marcela Lasprilla

Relationship Coach + Confidence Expert


Now I can say after I invested in coaching with Fabiola I have a marketing plan, a system to get a flood of clients, I’ve mastered the sales conversation and so much more. Leads are coming in easily and automatically and I am booked out 6 months in advance! Leads are coming in easily and automatically and I am booked out 6 months in advance and I am on track for reaching 6 figures this year!

Debbie Louis

CEO + Chief planner at A La mode Events

The launch N slay program is designed to support coaches, consultants, service based pros + course creators who:

  • Haven’t launched yet and have no idea how to package your services.
  • Have launched to the sound of crickets (and even they were kinda quiet).
  • Have seen some success but didn’t reach your goals and possibly experienced major burnout… a.k.a. The thrill is gone and you’re over it.

Are you ready for consistent and predictable cash injections?

Are you ready to surrender to a proven method that’s going to give you the income security you’ve been pining for while allowing you to spend time with your family and actually get some sleep?

How about waking up to emails that say that you’ve got new clients and more money in the bank?

The process we’ll be taking to execute your easy, profitable, and exciting 5-figure launch.

The difference between a launch that sells out and one that only gets a buy from dear aunt Mildred (who didn’t want you to feel bad) ? It starts with getting that mind right. Real launch slayers understand there’s no room for BS limiting beliefs if they are going to show up with the swagger and confidence that marks them as an authority. Which is exactly why we take the time to lay this essential groundwork like:

  • Recognizing and avoiding mindset traps
  • How to shake imposter syndrome before and during your  launch
  • Successful habits of a profitable launcher
  • Exclusive tapping techniques and in-depth money mindset training.

Ready to launch with a program that’s more “dayum” and less “meh”? We’ll work together to create your signature program that’s not only profitable, but scalable as well. We’re talking the kind of premium program ($999 and up) that you could launch again and again and always know it will pull in those juicy sales numbers.

Ready to launch with a program that’s more “dayum” and less “meh”? We’ll work together to create your signature program that’s not only profitable, but scalable as well. We’re talking the kind of premium program ($999 and up) that you could launch again and again and always know it will pull in those juicy sales numbers.

How you go about the preparation stage can make or break your launch. I’ll take the guesswork out of where to start and what the journey will look like by teaching you my exact, step-by-step, plug and play launch strategy for having your first ever five-figure launch.

It’s possible to have an already warm, ready to buy, “take my damn money” audience waiting for you when you launch. It just requires some crucial knowledge on how to design and execute a launch funnel that continues to connect to so you can continue to convert. Keep the lead pool full with my 3 signature pillars which are:

  • Crafting your Pre-launch Runway

  • Creating Launch Assets

  • Sales Strategy

It’s possible to have an already warm, ready to buy, “take my damn money” audience waiting for you when you launch. It just requires some crucial knowledge on how to design and execute a launch funnel that continues to connect to so you can continue to convert. Keep the lead pool full with my 3 signature pillars which are:

  • Crafting your Pre-launch Runway

  • Creating Launch Assets

  • Sales Strategy

By phase 4 you have the clarity and confidence to own your launch and pull in that 5-figure sales goal you’ve had your eye on. That doesn’t mean our work is done. I’ll help you put on the finishing touches to ensure your launch is flawless.



90 mins private intensive with me where we can work on the most intimate details of your launch or business.


This Live 3-hour workshop is designed to help you scale your courses with an evergreen funnel. In this workshop, I am helping you set up your funnel step by step so that you can slay those automated coins! What I am teaching in this working session has helped clients generate $40k Plus months on autopilot


I Am A Coach That Understands A Coach Still Needs To Be Coached. I Worked With Fabiola And She Helped Me Streamline My Coaching Offers And Be More Strategic With Course Creations, List Building, And Increasing My Pricing. As a result, I’ve attracted more of my ideal audience to my programs, added more value to my courses, and increased the cost of my signature coaching program. As a result, my signature program launch sold out the first day when I launched it during a private event. I can’t wait to see the results when I open my cart to the public and go live.

Coach Robin M. Ware


Working with Fabiola, I received clarity on how to position and price my services to attract the right clients. She was extremely thorough during the coaching process. Working with her will bring results. She loves, loves and lives marketing. She really gave her all when working with me and I’m totally satisfied with her service. She rocks!


Accountant + Tax Strategist


My business has increased both sales and followers. Working with Fabiola has given me invaluable info for biz and helped me grow within a community of like minded women. Fabiola f***ing Rocks! Be prepared for your success.

Rochelle Sodipo Washington

GA, Creativity Coach & Brand Alchemist

Your Offer Isn’t Broken, and neither are you. It’s time to give it the shot it truly deserves.

So, You Have Two Options and if you’re still reading this then you may be on the fence (and I understand!)

Stay Stuck:

You can keep launching on your own and learn through trial and error or end up giving up because this journey can be frustrating.

Get Results:

Or you can save yourself time, money, and frustration by joining us. You will be ensuring that your next launch is a five-figure one.

I’m here to equip you with the tools and support you need to have the launch that makes you run around your house and jump for joy. You don’t have to do this alone anymore. You can get on the fast track to success and completely own 2021 and beyond.


As a result of working with Fabiola, I’ve learned how to make strategic and intuitive decisions about my business. I’ve learned that there has to be a strategy behind your passion. I’m no longer running in circles when it comes to my business. My complete brand identity has changed and it finally looks the way that I intended it to. No, I didn’t do it all myself.

I learned how to fearlessly say that I needed some help. The networking is AMAZING with the group! I’ve built life-long business relationships that are invaluable. Furthermore, I focused on a targeted niche as a result of the program and I’ve worked with over 20 new clients as a result and this is BEFORE I’ve done a huge launch. My brand message is finally clear and my clients are finding me. I didn’t just get step 1, step 2, and step 3. I got a blueprint to think for myself and to create ways to generate income.

That alone has been worth the investment.

Je Tuan Jones

The Message Midwife, Chicago IL


I decided to work with Fabiola because she delivered so much great content via social media and she knew how to deliver the HOW to build your business online. Within the first 60 days of working with Fabiola my monthly income doubled due to rebranding, streamlining my offers and increasing my prices. My email list grew by 3k+ subscribers as a result of better targeting and they are engaged and consistently buy products, register for classes and book coaching sessions.

If you are thinking about working with her DO IT NOW. Because every day spent overthinking could be days making progress and profits. I’ve recommended others to work with Fabiola and that is only because you have helped me get more sales and clients so I trust you can help them too.

Angel Richards

Tampa, FL, CEO + Master Life Coach at Helping Others Transform


When I first met Coach Fabiola, my business and passion was just a hobby because it lacked a structured system and monetary gain! When she offered the Coaching Program, I immediately signed up and didn’t look back!

Her program and coaching style allowed me to create a structured system for my business to get clients and sell my programs. It’s also given me access to various resources and tools, networking opportunities, accountability through goal setting and support. She was always exposed us to the latest cutting edge information to ensure success. Coach Fabiola truly has a genuine vested interest in seeing others succeed!

My business is no longer a hobby, but a business! Thanks, Coach!

Michelle Decaul

Empowerment Coach, Prayer Strategist, Inspirational Speaker, Author

If you’re ready to do Tom Cruise jumps on your couch then it’s time for you to join us. 


Who is Launch n Slay for?

Launch n Slay is for you if:

You feel overworked, frustrated, and ready to grow your income.

You don’t have the time to squeeze in extra clients.

You want to experience true wealth and freedom.

You want to finally launch that course or program you’ve been dying to get out there.

Do I need to have a course or program already to join?

No! I’ve helped clients build their programs from scratch to get the results they want. However, if you haven’t yet seen a five figure launch with the program you already have, the Accelerator can get you better results.

Is this program Live or Recorded?

I coach live in two places: our private community and group coaching calls. Those are the perfect places to get as much or as little face time with me you’d like. The lessons, however, are recorded and dripped out to you weekly. You have lifetime access to watch them at your own pace, whenever you need!

Wait, when does the program start?

We get started the second you grab your spot. As soon as payment goes through, you have instant access to the first module. There’s no need to wait to hit the ground running!

Should I still join if I’m busy with limited time?

Absolutely! Here’s why: I’m handing you the easiest launch blueprint on the planet. It’s a streamlined shortcut to creating your launch and start selling.

Bottom line: By joining Accelerator, you’re saving time.

How is Launch n Slay different from all those other programs out there?
  1. I’ve spent 8+ years perfecting my launchings and helping my clients SLAY their own. Point blank? It’s a proven process.
  2. I teach you how to reach your ideal people without fumbling through every process available under the sun. That’s because I’ve infused proven psychology backed strategies into the program. It’s the most streamlined way to fill your program quicker! In other words: I’m taking out the guesswork on selling out your launch.
  3. Not only is this strategy simple, but it is also repeatable. Over the last three years alone, our clients have grossed over $5 million applying the strategy to their launches.
  4. I’m a straight forward, no BS, keeping you accountable kind of lady who loves to have a laugh. I want every conversation to feel like coffee and cake… and end with you getting over the BS and winning every time.